- Black Russian Terriers of Ontario







Our planned litter Was born May 15th, 2017

6 puppies (5 boys and 1 girl)


Dam : CH CKC BarentsNight Garbo's Ninotchka
Sire :CH CKC, UKC, FCC Hermes De Gaule "Travis"

All information, by email: tanya@barentsnight.ca or doug@barentsnight.ca
or by phone : (613) 258-5702

5 Boys and 1 Girl



Our planned litter
Was born in April 11th, 2017
10 puppies
Dam: GCH CKC, CH UCI INTL EHREN, KCUSA, ARBA, Elite CH FCC Barentsnight Fabulous Daizy, CGC &
Sire: CH CKC, UKC, FCC Hermes De Gaule "Travis"


We are so pleased with that couple previous litter that we decided to do double
6 Boys and 4 Girls





Planned litter was born January 23, 2016
from beautiful couple
Litter "K"
Dam : BarentsNight Carpatian Lokyss, CGN and
Sire : CH CKC, FCC, UKC Hermes De Gaule "Travis"


3 boys and 7 girls




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