CH CKC, UKC, FCC BarentsNight Light My Fire "Gaby", CGN, TT

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Born : February 17th, 2016
Sire : CH CKC, UKC, FCC Hermes De Gaule
HU: N/HU, JLPP: Clear
Dam : GCH CKC, CH CKC, Elite CH FCC, GCH FCC, CH FCC, CH UCI INTL EHREN, KCUSA, ARBA, Barentsnight Fabulous Daizy, CGC
Owner : Tatiana & Doug Adams

HU: N/N, JLPP: Clear
Gaby is very sweet, calm girl and a little bit shy. Loves to play with other dogs, meet people. Very nicely built girl who gets a lot of complements.
Black coat, nice brown eyes, good size head, good bite, dark pigment. Beautiful movement and nice angulation with great posture.

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Gaby's Achievements

Belleville Kennel Club, October 20/2017
Gaby won: Show #1 - Select; Show #2 - BOS

UKC show, Octouber 7-9/2017. Napanee ON
5 rings. Gaby won:
BOS x 4 times, Group 2. New CH UKC !

FCC show. Quebec, September 9-10/2017 Gaby won:
Three shows BOS, Show #4 Gaby took BOB and
Group 3. Also received 4 cards "Excellent"

FCC show. Quebec, September 9-10/2017
4 judges critiques:

- Cornwall. ON SEPTEMBER 2/2017 Gaby won BOB

TIKO show. Brockville, August 18-20/2017
Gaby won:
- Four shows and 4 BOB
- Last show, August 20 Gaby won Group 4th
with judge Mike Jackman

Long Sault, August 25-29/2017 Gaby won:
Show 1: BOB; Show 2: Select, Show 3: BOB
Show 4: Select, Show 5: BOB

Barrier kennel club, August 5/2017 Gaby won:
GCH Select
August 6/2017 Gaby pass Temperament Test

Muskoka Kennel Club, ON, August 2-4/2017
Show #1-4 : BOB x 5

Kars Dog Club, July 22-23/2017
Limited Show 22nd. Gaby won: BOB
July 23d Show #3: BOB
Also Gaby pass CGN tests

Valley Kennel Club, July 23/2017
Gaby won : BOB abd Group 4th

UKC show. July 15-16, 2017
Gaby won:
Show #1 : 2nd; Show #2: 2nd
Show #3: 2nd; Show# 4: BOB, Group 4th

Kingston & District Kennel Club,
June 16/2017 Odessa
Gaby won: Show #1 BOB;
Show #2 BOB (4 points)

Kawartha Kennel Club,
Friday June30th, July 2nd, 2017
Gaby won :Show #1 : BOB; Show #2 : BOB
Show #3 : BOB and Group 4th

Arnprior Canine Association, May 12-14/2017
Gaby winnings:
Show #1 - BOB, W; Show #2 - 2nd, W;
Show #3 - BOB, W; Show #4 - 2nd;
Show #5 - BOB, W; Result - 2 points

Ottawa kennel club. Richmond, May 26-28/2017
Gaby won: Show #1 - BOB,
Group 4th; (2 points) & new CH CKC title
Show #2 - BOB; Show #3 - BOB,
Show #4 - 2nd

Victoria Kennel Club. Lindsay, April 28/2017
Gaby won:
Show #1 - BOB, BOW;
Show #2 - BOB, BOW

The Ottawa Kennel Club, Sanction Match
March 18th, 2017
Gaby won: BOB and Group - 3d

Sanction Match
Feb.11/2017. Gaby won:
BP, BOB and Group 2nd

Thousand Islands Kennel Club

UKC show. Napanee Nov.19-20. 2016
Show #1 & 2: 3d, Show #3: 2nd

July 2nd. Kawartha Kennel Club
"Gaby" won : 1 x BBPIB

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