Born : April 5th, 2012
Sire : CH Sora's Duke Ostrowski BH, CD, CGN, TT, HIC
Dam : BarentsNight Viscountess Vikki
Owner : DeAnne and Dr.Richard Hawkes, DVM
North Carolina, US
"Guardian Bears Kennel"


DNA Hyperuricosuria test : N/HU

- Nika's show career from age 2 months old to 9.5 m.o.
when became AKC CH!!! Click here













Show 2014

- Virginia Kennel Club, Inc. 06/21/2014 Mr. Brian Meyer B.O.B. OS
- Virginia Kennel Club, Inc. 06/22/2014 Mrs. Cindy Meyer B.O.B. B
- Gloucester Kennel Club Of Virginia 06/23/2014 Mr. Kenneth A. Buxton B.O.B. B
- Gloucester Kennel Club Of Virginia 06/24/2014 Mrs. Polly (Mrs. Robert) D. Smith B.O.B. B
- Southern Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. 06/27/2014 Mr. William Sahloff B.O.B. SEL/BOBOH
- Southern Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. 06/28/2014 Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman B.O.B. B

Show 2013

- Milton, August 9-10, 2013. Nika won: BOS August 9 and BRT National she won : Winners B-ch, August 10th and became NEW CH CKC!
Congratulations to DeAnne and Dr.Richard Hawkes
- Grey - Bruce KC, Owen Sound August 06/13 Nika won BOS x 5
- Barrie Kennel Club, August 4 and 5, 2013. Nika won : BOB x 2. Girl doing great and now have 6 CH points of CKC
- Nika in Canada. Muskoka Kennel Club, Bracebridge. July 31- August 2nd. Nika won : BOB, BOS x 2
- Another great news about Nika. Girl doing so good for het young age!
Another show in June 28-29, 2013. Nika took BOB x 2 and June 30th - BOS. We are so proud of our baby! Thanks to Nika's owners DeAnne and Dr. Richard Hawkes
and Nika's handler Jennifer Bittner!
- May 4th, 2013. We are proud to announce, that with her Select win today in GA, Nika has earned the title of AKC Grand Champion!!!
She did this at only 13 months age! WTG Nika Monster!Congratulation to her owners DeAnne and Richard Hawkes and Jennifer Bittner Nika's handler!
- Louisville Kennel Club, Inc. - March 17/13. Nika won : BOB (3 GC Points)
- Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club March 14/13, Nika won : BOS (3 GC Points)
- Louirs Kennel Club, March 15/13. Nika got SEL (1 GC Point)
- Evansville Kennel Club, March 16/13. Nika won BOS (3 GC Points)
- January 26, 2013. Our Baby Nika (under 10 m.o.) doing a great job modeling in Atlanta show!!! Nika gets Major Award, SELECT at this show!!!
- February 2nd, 2013. Nika became an AKC Champion 2 weeks ago and showed this weekend with 18 other BRTs in Atlanta Georgia as a Champion (Special).
She was awarded Majors of Select Award 2 different days and she is UNDER 10 Months of age and was competing with much older BRTs!!!
One day was for 5 points and multiple points the second win!!
Thank you to Jennifer Bittner for always dealing with Nika's Diva personality! She is already making us SO Proud!"
- Tampa Bay Kennel Club - Friday 01/18/13 - 1/W, 4 points
- Clearwater Kennel Club - Saturday 01/19/13 - 1/R
- Pasco Florida Kennel Club - Sunday 01/20/13 - 1/W, 4 points


Year 2012

- December 10, 2012. Huntsville Kennel Club, Alabama. Nika won : BOW
- December 8, 2012Greater Hickory Kennel Club. Nika won : WB
- November 30, 2012 Savannah GA, GBK. Nika won : Winner's Bitch. Congratulations to Jennifer Bittner (handler) and owners DeAnne and Dr.Richard Hawkes !
- November 9-11, 2012, From Alabama!!! Nika takes WB, BOW and a puppy group 3! Great job Nina and Jen !
- November 2d, 2012 Oak Ridge Kennel Club Knoxville, TN. Nika won BOB, BPB.
- November 3d, 2012.Tennessee Valley Kennel Club, Knoxville, TN. Nika won: BOB, BPB
- November 4th, Nika won : BOS, BPB

December 10, 2012. Huntsville Kennel Club, Alabama.
Nika won : BOW

New CH AKC Nika. January 18/20, 2013.

Atlanta February, 2013

- Atlanta, July 21-22, 2012. Nika with her handler
Jennifer Bittner won best BRT puppy both shows
and made in the group.
Her 2nd day of shows she got BEST PUPPY both
shows over puppies 4- 6 MOS old even and
a GROUP 2 win in working breed puppy over
numerous breeds.

2012 Peach State Summer, July 21/22,IABCA

- Atlanta Expo Center South.Atlanta,
Georgia. October 2012
Nika's First AKC win!
- To see show video Click Here



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