CH CKC BarentsNight Ksenia "Lola", CGN

Born: January 23, 2016
Dam : BarentsNight Carpatian Lokyss, CGN
Sire : CH CKC, UKC, FCC Hermes De Gaule "Travis"
Owner : Bob and Gordana Stupar
Mississauga, Canada


Lola is very nice girl with rich, black shiny coat. Nice body. Good size of head, nice bite, black and tight eyes. Nice body stricture, good shoulders and angulations. Great movement.
Very obedient girl, protective and loves her owners. Happy and playful.
Easy going and friendly with any one.

Lola's Health Page Click Here
DNA Hyperuricosuria test : N/HU; JLPP: Clear



Lola's Achievements

Lindsay show. April 27-29. 2018
Lola won: April 27: BOS, April 28: BOS,
April 29: BOB. Lola received 4 CKC points and
new CH CKC title.
Congratulations to Lola and her owner/handler Gordana.

News 2018

- Kitchener. May 19-20, 2018. Lola won: May 19: BOS; May 20th: BOB and received CH CKC title. Congratulations to Lola!

Caledon Kennel Club. Mississauga/Nov. 24-26/2017 Lola won:
Nov.24 Show #1: BOS; Nov.24 Show #2: BOS
Nov.25 Show #3 - BOS; Nov.26 Show #4 : BOS (1 point)
Also passing CGN test

Trillium Dog Fanciers. CKC October 28-29/2017
Lola won:
Saturday : BOS, Winners (1 point)
Sunday: 1st, Reserve

Wine Country Kennel Club.
Lindsay November 11-12/2017
Lola won: November 11 - BOB (1 point)
November 12 - BOS

Wellant ON, WKC, Octobet 6-8/2017. Lola won:
Show #1 : BOS; Show #2: BOS
Show #3 : BOB and was selected
( 1 point of CKC) Lola on the ring:To Watch

At home fun time

Hamilton Kennel Club, June 23-24/17

Ontario County Kennel Club
June 10-11, 2017 Orono. Lola won:
Show #1 BOS; Show # 2 BOS;
Show #3 BOB (1 point)

Hamilton Kennel Club, June 23-24, 2017
Lola won:
Show #3 : BOS. BOW (1 point)


BarentsNight Ksenia "Lola" 2017