One puppy-girl was born January 4th, 2015 from nice couple
BarentsNight Evening Star (Raeven) and
CH CKC, FCC hermes-De-Gaule (Travis) 5th Top BRT show dog in Canada 2014 Click Here

We are one of the best show kennels.
Years our girls keeping top positions “Top BRT Conformation dogs in Canada”.

Jewel Reg.# MSC000006917
Jewel 8 weeks old - Watch Video

Jewel with new family

Jewel 8 weeks old

Jewel 6 weeks old and found new friend

Jewel 25 days old

Jewel three weeks old

Jewel two weeks old

Jewel 12 days old

Jewel 6 days old

Jewel 2 days old



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